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Handmade with LOVE


Clarkes Closet is a UK based company of Handmade Rag Dolls and Children Accssories


Closing the gap! Changing the narrative!

Making dolls of colour a normal inclusion into the world of play.


CIarkes Closet was born out of the desire for my daughter Clarke to see a representation of herself when she came across dolls. . Going into toy stores and not being able to find a doll on the shelf that resembled Clarke was very frustrating and heart breaking. I wasn't able to find what both Clarke and I need from that experience. I want my daughter and all children to look at dolls and other toys and feel a connection. I decided that It was time to do something about this and went about creating my very own doll line that represents every child in every shade. I also wanted my dolls to be unique to have there own personalities and to move away from the mass produced and more into sustainability.


Diversity and Representation is very important to myself and I think as a mother it is my responsibility to try and close the gap in toy market and make an impact how ever big or small, but to know that a few more children can say "mummy daddy this doll looks like me" 

With Clarkes Closet I hope to evolve to the next level to produce a much needed want for dolls of different varieties , race, disability and size. The importance of these dolls are very clear and I think Clarkes Closet can have an impact on that.

Learning through play is an important part of a Childs development and I hope that Clarkes Closet is having an immense positive influence of that.


Clarkes Closet started with bows and has evolved into a love for hand made dolls, doll face bags,and coming soon Back Packs and Doll Stories


All my Items are handmade to the highest quality sourcing most if not all materials from local suppliers , upcycling and using fair trade when ever possible

You can follow the Clarkes Closet journey on all of our socials below or at our next event

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